Golden Age anti-age

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The only tanning product that contains active anti ageing ingredients proven to work. It's light formulations gives you a sun kissed look.

The first gradual tanning formula that also smooths out those lines and wrinkles. Think of it as an Italian Youth Elixir that you use daily. An easy to apply aerosol that makes you look sun kissed instantly and ideal for the face and decolletage.

The Science Bit:

* Non aggressive formulation
* Main ingredients are DHA and Aloe Vera
* Patented formulation with active anti ageing ingredient Hylarounic Acid and a double dose of anti ageing peptide Matrixyl
* Paraben Free
* Erythrulose Free
* 100% Natural Tanning Formula
* Instant Glow
* Penetrates the skin evenly allowing for natural fade and even tan
* Multi Positioning Aerosol allows for easy application

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