10 gift ideas for Mother's Day 2022

This Mother's Day, spoil the one who holds this wonderful title with quality beauty products! Be inspired by our favourites and offer Mom the very best! If you are a mom yourself, take the opportunity to celebrate this special day with one or more of our suggestions! You deserve it!  



1. Manicure or pedicure? You can do it!

With this LED light for gel manicures and pedicures, your mother will get a long-lasting, professional quality nails. From home, she can choose her favorite colour and give herself a much-deserved beauty treatment. If you're nice, she might even offer to lend it to you—but don't get your hopes up.




2. Cute, moisturizing foot-mask socks

No matter what Mom’s shoe size is, these foot-mask socks will fit her like a (moisturizing) glove! Made with shea butter and aloe vera, they are perfect for pedicures. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. No need to rinse!




3. The brush trick

This round brush is an unbeatable 3-in-1: it dries, smooths away flyaways, and volumizes! It's a must-have for all hair styling fans...who hate styling! Its Direct Ion technology helps to dramatically reduce frizz!



4. The most radiant complexion

Lightweight and moisturizing, this spray provides a light tan. Don’t worry about getting an orange or uneven skin tone. Just apply to the face and décolleté for the most radiant skin! With no risk of staining white clothing, this progressive anti-aging self-tanner will give you a summery complexion...in May!



5. A duo for her beautiful eyes

You may have learned it from Mom: the eyelash curler is a must in a beauty routine for the eyes. If you use it with this mascara, your lashes may touch the sky (or at least the brow bone)! And that's exactly what you want for a gorgeous look!






6. No unseemly roots on the horizon

The best way to camouflage hair growth between two colourings starts with this product. Its pigmented powder eliminates any gray hair (by the next shampoo), without changing its texture. Natural-looking and easy to apply, it hides gray hair caused by stress, age and working too much!



7. It takes a good flat iron!

At the cottage, on the golf course, on a trip...your mom doesn't have to worry about wet weather that brings out the frizz. This cordless flat iron can be taken anywhere with its convenient size. Its exceptional quality is matched only by its results! Its ceramic plates will straighten all types of hair. For busy moms, the iron turns off after 3 minutes of non-use. There's no need to say it: you're clearly the one giving the best gifts!



8. Here is the perfect kit! 

Give your mom the ULTIMATE cosmetic bag! With an extra pocket inside, she can store all her favourite beauty products. She will definitely fall for its trendy spring colour!



Travel to Morocco

Has Mom always loved the intoxicating scent of this legendary line of products? Now she can wear her perfume with the Moroccan Mist - Body & Hair! Its floral and spicy amber notes are simply irresistible. Plus, being enriched with argan oil and vitamin E, the mist will protect her hair from UV rays. What more could she ask for?



10. A youthful cure

Stem cells are the best way to give hair a shock treatment! The products in this Abril et Nature set will meet all your needs for moisturizing and repairing damaged hair. The Cell Innove shampoo, mask and serum team up to offer a gorgeous and youthful cure thanks to plant stem cells.

Are you inspired? Order your gifts online or visit one of our seven boutiques! If you feel like celebrating this holiday in a more traditional way, we strongly suggest accompanying any gift with a macaroni craft you’ve made yourself!
*Please note that we are not responsible if she prefers her products to your creation.
Happy Mother's Day!