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The best products for a nomadic lifestyle

Dear Customers, Eager for car adventures and vantrips? We thought we'd offer you our favourite products for a journey when yourhair and skin won't be forgotten. Don't miss out on anything when you findyourself exploring new horizons thanks to our beauty recommendations. Fromleave-in shampoos to cordless flat irons, your routine will be practical—but noless beautiful! Enjoy life on the road!

Dear Customers, Eager for car adventures and van trips? We thought we'd offer you our favourite products for a journey when your hair and skin won't be forgotten. Don't miss out on anything when you find yourself exploring new horizons thanks to our beauty recommendations. From leave-in shampoos to cordless flat irons, your routine will be practical—but no less beautiful! Enjoy life on the road!





Practical and plastic-free:

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars by Charbon Noir


Explore our vegan collection to find the right shampoo and conditioner bar for your hair type. Sulphate-, silicone-, paraben-, and plastic-free, they'll treat your hair Choose from mesmerizing natural scents like lavender, citrus, green tea and more! Transport them with their bamboo case! Practical and reusable, just the way we like it!





No water? No problem!  

Shine & Clean Hair Lotion by Abril et Nature


This lotion cleanses hair without the need for a single drop of water. Composed of 70% alcohol, it provides the necessary hygienic care for your scalp. Its moisturizing oils ensure that your strands stay shiny and silky. A must-have that will preserve your water reserves for other occasions during your escapades!





Simply the best hair towel:

The Hair Turban by Cala


Replace your hair towel with this turban and save a lot of space in your luggage! Perfect for wringing out your hair, its elastic band will easily hold the turban on your head and prevent water from dripping on you (or your nice couch). Available in pink, lavender and mint, its microfiber fabric is super absorbent and quick-drying!






A hair product with multiple roles:

Shea Silk Oil by Brand With a Heart


This no-rinse, no-fuss silky oil has many uses. It detangles, moisturizes, smoothes, and protects your hair from frizz and damage. Apply it to clean, damp hair for the most gorgeous, natural-looking look!  






Have dry skin on your adventures?

Choose Moroccanoil’s Dry Body Oil


Get rid of your skin's dryness due to temperature changes during your travels, with Moroccanoil body oil. Its light formula is non-sticky and soothing. It will leave your skin feeling soft, not to mention its light signature scent: simply divine! 





Multiple products for a stylish guy:

Redken Brews 3 in 1 for Men


Do you or your travel partner only have room for one bottle in your luggage? Redken Brews has a 3-in-1 formula that acts as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It will make sure you're left with silky smooth skin and more room for an extra bag of chips in your den on wheels. Now that’s an added bonus!





Want a beauty makeover, but with no electricity?

The GHD Cordless Flat Iron is for you!


Whether it's for a picture where your hairstyle will match the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, an event on the road that requires a special touch, or simply to style your hair, the GHD cordless flat iron is your best option! Simply recharge it with its USB cord and you're done. Take it everywhere with you!





We understand your desire to escape and discover new things! That is why Eleganza loves to help your beauty routine while you are on the road. We hope to

Which extensions are made for me?

The desire to have a beautiful cascade of hair sometimescomes without warning. It's just a matter of checking out Instagram and thereit is: a photo of Kim K with long, lustrous hair. For people (like me) whocan't wait for a Rapunzel-like look, discover these gorgeous hair extensions!

The desire to have a beautiful cascade of hair sometimes comes without warning. It's just a matter of checking out Instagram and there it is: a photo of Kim K with long, lustrous hair. For people (like me) who can't wait for a Rapunzel-like look, discover these gorgeous hair extensions!





1. Tape-in hair extensions - Cold fusion

Comfortable and discreet thanks to their very flat design, tape-in hair extensions are ideal to obtain volume for those who have fine hair. They can be applied quickly with the "sandwich" method: a very thin section of an extension is inserted near the roots of your real hair, between two adhesive strips.



Ideal application: By a professional
Maintenance appointments: Every 8 weeks





2. Keratin - Hot fusion

Undetectable and strong! Keratin extensions are applied by heating the end of the extension’s strand (containing the keratin) at the root of your natural hair strand. The strands weld together and after several full rows, you get dreamy volume and/or length. If you take good care of your keratin extensions, it is possible to reuse them for another application by simply changing the end of the extension.




Ideal application: By a professional

Maintenance appointments: Every 12 weeks





3. Clip-in extensions

Perfect for a temporary look, clip-in extensions are very easy to apply. You basically clip them onto your hair. Just divide your hair into horizontal sections and clip them at the root. Have fun trying different colours with them. They provide volume and/or length in just a few minutes! Don't forget to remove them before showering: hand wash and blow dry gently.



Ideal application: On your own or by a professional
Maintenance appointments: Varies according to frequency of use





4. Weft (sew-in) extensions

These extensions are the same ones used with the clip-in method; however, they are applied in a more permanent way. A small horizontal braid is made and the weft of hair (often there are different widths, depending on the location) is sewn in. Repeat on several rows—and you’ll get the desired length. Perfect for normal to thick hair.




Ideal application: By a professional
Maintenance appointments: Every 6 to 12 weeks





5. Bead hair extensions

Similar to keratin extensions, bead hair extensions must be applied strand-by-strand. The difference? There is no “glue” involved. The extension is attached with a small metal ring to a strand of your hair. You then flatten it so that it holds firmly. This technique is not recommended on fine and greasy hair, because the extensions may slip, as they do not have any product that adheres them to your roots. It is possible to reuse the extensions by changing the rings duringyour next appointment!




Ideal application: By a professional
Maintenance appointments: Every 8 weeks





6. Hair piece extensions

Want bangs for one night only? A long braid for an event? A bun without having to style it? Hair pieces will be your best allies for a new, yet temporary, look. Often, they are attached with one or more clips for a quick and easy installation.




Ideal application: On your own or by a professional
Maintenance Varies according to frequency of use





7. Volumizer hair extensions

This invisible extensions are installed by simply dividing your hair horizontally in the middle of the back of your head. In a few seconds, you will have extra volume and length. As with all extension techniques, make sure you have the right shade to match your hair colour and you're done!




Ideal application: On your own or by a professional
Maintenance appointments: Varies according to frequency of use




Ready for a hair style worthy of Botticelli's Venus? Make an appointment with Eleganza hairstylist. Our beauty experts will advise you on the technique that is right for you!




10 gift ideas for Mother's Day 2022

This Mother's Day, spoil the one who holds this wonderful title with quality beauty products! Be inspired by our favourites and offer Mom the very best! If you are a mom yourself, take the opportunity to celebrate this special day with one or more of our suggestions! You deserve it!

This Mother's Day, spoil the one who holds this wonderful title with quality beauty products! Be inspired by our favourites and offer Mom the very best! If you are a mom yourself, take the opportunity to celebrate this special day with one or more of our suggestions! You deserve it!  



1. Manicure or pedicure? You can do it!

With this LED light for gel manicures and pedicures, your mother will get a long-lasting, professional quality nails. From home, she can choose her favorite colour and give herself a much-deserved beauty treatment. If you're nice, she might even offer to lend it to you—but don't get your hopes up.




2. Cute, moisturizing foot-mask socks

No matter what Mom’s shoe size is, these foot-mask socks will fit her like a (moisturizing) glove! Made with shea butter and aloe vera, they are perfect for pedicures. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. No need to rinse!




3. The brush trick

This round brush is an unbeatable 3-in-1: it dries, smooths away flyaways, and volumizes! It's a must-have for all hair styling fans...who hate styling! Its Direct Ion technology helps to dramatically reduce frizz!



4. The most radiant complexion

Lightweight and moisturizing, this spray provides a light tan. Don’t worry about getting an orange or uneven skin tone. Just apply to the face and décolleté for the most radiant skin! With no risk of staining white clothing, this progressive anti-aging self-tanner will give you a summery May!



5. A duo for her beautiful eyes

You may have learned it from Mom: the eyelash curler is a must in a beauty routine for the eyes. If you use it with this mascara, your lashes may touch the sky (or at least the brow bone)! And that's exactly what you want for a gorgeous look!






6. No unseemly roots on the horizon

The best way to camouflage hair growth between two colourings starts with this product. Its pigmented powder eliminates any gray hair (by the next shampoo), without changing its texture. Natural-looking and easy to apply, it hides gray hair caused by stress, age and working too much!



7. It takes a good flat iron!

At the cottage, on the golf course, on a trip...your mom doesn't have to worry about wet weather that brings out the frizz. This cordless flat iron can be taken anywhere with its convenient size. Its exceptional quality is matched only by its results! Its ceramic plates will straighten all types of hair. For busy moms, the iron turns off after 3 minutes of non-use. There's no need to say it: you're clearly the one giving the best gifts!



8. Here is the perfect kit! 

Give your mom the ULTIMATE cosmetic bag! With an extra pocket inside, she can store all her favourite beauty products. She will definitely fall for its trendy spring colour!



Travel to Morocco

Has Mom always loved the intoxicating scent of this legendary line of products? Now she can wear her perfume with the Moroccan Mist - Body & Hair! Its floral and spicy amber notes are simply irresistible. Plus, being enriched with argan oil and vitamin E, the mist will protect her hair from UV rays. What more could she ask for?



10. A youthful cure

Stem cells are the best way to give hair a shock treatment! The products in this Abril et Nature set will meet all your needs for moisturizing and repairing damaged hair. The Cell Innove shampoo, mask and serum team up to offer a gorgeous and youthful cure thanks to plant stem cells.

Are you inspired? Order your gifts online or visit one of our seven boutiques! If you feel like celebrating this holiday in a more traditional way, we strongly suggest accompanying any gift with a macaroni craft you’ve made yourself!
*Please note that we are not responsible if she prefers her products to your creation.
Happy Mother's Day!

How to successfully colour your hair at home

Want to change your hair for the upcoming season? This spring, choose your inspiration…from golden russet to powder pink to icy mocha…and start colouring! In order to prevent your DIY from making you want to hide in a closet, read this special COLOURING article. We have answers to your questions! Happy reading!

Want to change your hair for the upcoming season? This spring, choose your inspiration…from golden russet to powder pink to icy mocha…and start colouring! In order to prevent your DIY from making you want to hide in a closet, read this special COLOURING article. We have answers to your questions! Happy reading!



1. There are so many choices! Where do you begin?

Several factors will influence the choice of your hair colour. But above all, let's start with the current state of your hair. Is it natural or coloured? Do you have highlights or even a hue achieved with henna? Ask your colour expert. Doing this from the start will prevent you from having to correct the colour later, which is costly, complex and completely avoidable.





 2. How do you tell the difference between the various types of colouring?

Semi-permanent (gloss): Want a pastel or bright shade for your bleached hair? More shine? More control over an unwanted reflection? Semi-permanent hair colour enables you to do all of this…everything, except white hair coverage.


Demi-permanent: This works great for those with less than 25% white hair. Its oxidant is weaker than permanent colouring, which reduces the noticeable effect of regrowth.


Permanent :Its opacity is ideal to cover white hair perfectly. Used with 10, 20 or 30 volume oxidants, this one certainly provides the best coverage.





3. I use the same colour formula every time…so why doesn't it always give the same result?

Several factors are possible. Did you perhaps let it act a little too long or not long enough? Did you apply it to the roots only or the entire length? If your hair has lightened between two colourings (exposure to the sun, swimming in the ocean or in the pool, washing your hair more frequently, etc.), it’s very likely that you’ll notice a difference.





4. Why are the numbers on the tubes different depending on the colouring company?

The first number represents the level.The next two digits represent the highlights and the undertones. The meaning of these differ depending on the company. Sometimes, there are even letters to designate the reflections. Refer to our colouring expert who masters these numbers and letters like no other!





5. Why doesn’t blonde hair colour work on my dyed brown hair?

One colour does not lighten another! Arm yourself with patience, because it’s difficult to get there in one step. With the right products (make-up remover, bleach) and above all, a good colouring expert, you’ll eventually get that dreamy polar blonde you wanted!





6. I constantly have a warm highlight in my hair, despite colouring with neutral or cool highlights. Why?

You may be naturally chestnut or brunette. Your pigmentation hides under these natural shades that are 100% warm. For example, the darker your hair is, the more it will lean towards red. Unless you have a very ashy colour and use colouring shampoos that neutralize warm tints, it’s normal for some warm highlights to surface over time.





7. Why does my colour expert advise against doing highlights at home?

Home colouring requires precision and care. Your locks ask for this, but on an even more complex level! For example, the position of the selected locks, avoid application to old locks because there’s a greater risk of damaging your hair, etc. Damage can be very expensive and difficult to repair.





8. I tried a different colour with a semi-permanent colour (gloss). However, it has stayed in my hair for weeks! Why?

Your hair’s porosity tends to make the pigments fade quickly or, on the contrary, to keep them too long. Do a “test” wick before applying the colour to the rest of your hair and avoid unpleasant surprises!




We hope we’ve demystified some of the questions frequently asked in salons or in shops! Never hesitate to ask your Éléganza colour experts for information. Their knowledge makes all the difference between a perfect colouring and a blatant disappointment. Here’s one last little tip: show them your inspirations in photos! When it comes to colouring, there’s nothing truer: a picture really is worth a thousand words!

Get your brushes ready!



Find the right hair care for your hair type

There are as many hair products on the market as there are hairs on ourheads! Now you can make the right choices for your hair type. We’re certainthat Abril et Nature’s innovative lineswill please you. Originally from Spain, our products are already popular inmore than 38 countries! Whether your hair is dry, normal, damaged or somethingelse, you’ll find what you need among our multiple haircare treatments. Readthis blog to find out which ones are right for you!

There are as many hair products on the market as there are hairs on our heads! Now you can make the right choices for your hair type. We’re certain that Abril et Nature’s innovative lines will please you. Originally from Spain, our products are already popular in more than 38 countries! Whether your hair is dry, normal, damaged or something else, you’ll find what you need among our multiple haircare treatments. Read this blog to find out which ones are right for you!



For dry hair - The Rehydration product line

Have you recently enjoyed a warm vacation? The sun, salt water and life’s other little pleasures are your hair’s enemies. Try Rehydration Shampoo and treat yourself to soft and silky hair thanks to its amino acids and UV protection. Your vacation memories will stay in your photos and not in your damaged tips.




For normal hair - The CBD product line

Because it can be stressful to come back to work after the holiday break, try CBD product line. Its cannabis oil and green tea extracts and its herbal scent will provide a perfect moment of relaxation. Cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your hair from frizz has never been such a Zen-like experience!




For devitalized hair - The Age Reset product line

Our hair changes in appearance as we age. Although this is quite normal, you can make it look more refreshed, healthier and shinier. Age Reset contains plant stem cells giving you more volume, and it will further extend the health of your hair. Its Botox effect provides more thickness and eliminates a porous appearance. Say goodbye dull hair!





For coloured, damaged and devitalized hair - The Cell Innove product line

Like Age Reset, the Cell Innove line regenerates your hair fibre for a younger and shinier appearance. Its main active ingredients are plant stem cells, ideal for coloured hair that has been chemically-treated.





For dry hair with frizz - Energic

This product line affixes positive energy to your hair and therefore neutralizes negative charges. This prevents frizz and makes styling easier. Energic makes your hair more workable and gives it a healthy appearance. In other words, you’ll find that your hair will comb more easily during blow-drying and it will also shine like never before!





For hair with static and frizz - Nature Frizz

With winter, comes static. But you can make this go away with Nature Frizz. In addition, its relaxing and nourishing effect on your hair fibre will eliminate all frizz. Its ingredients, including keratin and marine collagen, will hydrate your hair perfectly without weighing it down.





For curly hair - The Gold Lifting product line

For those of you with curly hair, has it been a while since you heard, "I would love to have your beautiful mane?" Improve your curls’ elasticity and radiance with Gold Lifting. It defines your waves and controls frizz with its smoothing power. Add Gold Lifting Day Cream for an unparalleled finish.





For weakened hair - The Sublime product line

Was your last bleaching a bit too harsh on your hair? Repair your cuticles in depth with this powerful and restructuring treatment. Its innovative active ingredients have a long-lasting effect to better rebuild the hair fibre. Take a break from bleaching products and pamper your hair with Sublime.





For weakened hair in need of a shock treatment - The Keratin product line

The Keratin line has ultra-fast effectiveness. Its contains a strong injection of keratin to completely repair the cuticle fibres and seals. Using this frequently will give your hair a healthy glow and greatly improve its appearance. If your hair knots easily, or if your hair has been chemically-treated and damaged by mechanical heat, then this line is for you.




From now on, there’s nothing easier than choosing the right hair care! Trust Abril & Nature; its innovative technologies and natural ingredients will give you the most healthy and shiny hair, whatever your hair type!

Start 2022 with your favourite beauty products!

En cette veille duNouvel An, laissez-nous vous partager les produits coups de coeur qui ont faitl'unanimité cette année! Découvrez nous meilleurs vendeurs sélectionnés parnotre clientèle adorée! Qui ne désirent pas débuter 2022 sous le signe dusuccès avec les meilleurs produits? Bonne lecture et surtout: Bonne Année!

As the new year approaches, let us share our favourite products this year with you! Discover our best-sellers as selected by our cherished customers! Who wouldn’t want to start 2022 on the right track by using the best products available? Happy reading and above all, Happy New Year!




Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream

Get plump curls using Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. Apply the product to damp hair and dry with a diffuser. Your hair will keep maximum hold for hours!



Sebastian Shaper Medium Hold Hair Spray

Eliminate those little frizzies from your perfect bun or keep the volume of your curled waves with the Shaper Hairspray. It’s one of the essential products used by hairdressing professionals!




Alter Ego Anti-Yellowing Shampoo

Do you have blonde or white hair? Look no further! Alter Ego shampoo eliminates all the unwanted reflections (in other words: yellow) and adds more shine. Here’s a quick tip: The longer you let it work, the more silver your hair will be!






Hot Tools Dryer Brush

Detangle, style and dry your hair in one motion! Combine the useful with the unpleasant (no one likes to blow dry their hair) and get shiny, dry hair in no time!





Addicted to Beauty Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Get smooth, straight perfect hair! Work on thin sections for ultimate precision and say goodbye to unwanted frizz. Here’s a little detail that will change everything: Be sure to thoroughly detangle your hair before straightening it, because a knot remains a knot, even after using a flat iron!





Curling Iron 1" par Addicted To Beauty

Get perfect, timeless waves to crown your heads with this professional quality curling iron! Its 1” diameter is ideal for those with a long bob who want smooth movement, or for long-haired Rapunzels who love curls!






That’so On the Go Dark Self-Tanning Spray

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't have a summer complexion! This self-tanner (worn by the girls of Occupation Double!) gives you a glow worthy of your best vacation without having to take the plane or risk UV ray exposure since it’s safe for your skin!





Jeffree Star F*ck Proof Mascara

Whether you’re crying while watching The Notebook or dancing until the sun rises: nothing can ruin this mascara! You deserve having the best lashes, no matter the situation! Here’s a pro technique: Apply multiple coats, and don’t let them dry completely between applications for maximum effect.





Addicted To Beauty Makeup Sponge

Easily apply your liquid foundation and concealer with this must-have item! Moisten the sponge in lukewarm water before applying it to your face, and you’ll get great results!





20 beauty gift ideas for the 2021 holiday season

Pourquoi faire ça compliqué alors qu’on peut faire en beauté?
Offrez-vous un magasinage des fêtes sans soucis avec Éléganza et surtout, donnez à vos proches des cadeaux personnalisés, conçus selon leurs goûts et besoins. C’est parti!

Why make it complicated when you can do it in style? Treat yourself to carefree holiday shopping with ElEganza and above all, give your loved ones personalized gifts, designed to suit their tastes and needs.

For my little sister, the undisputed follower of the latest trends and cosmetics

Get a glamourous look thanks Babyliss’ perfect waves. This iron will make her hair look its most elegant, and its ceramic plates won’t damage the cuticles.

If she isn’t going south, let the south come to her. With its natural formulation, this self-tanner doesn’t create spots and provides a sunny complexion without any risk to the skin.

Un must pour la it girl This is a must-have for the “It Girl” that she is. Give it to her at Christmas and watch the rich metallic pigments shine on her eyelids, just in time for New Year's.

Give her silky hair a touch of shine for the final touch! Brand With a Heart vegan moisturizing oil repairs and protects in addition to providing sublime shine.

For my mother, the person who already has everything

One thing’s for certain, you can never have too many colours of nail polish! She’ll be delighted to add the newest OPI shades to her collection! Especially since the 3rd one is free with the purchase of 2 and it comes in a signature box (one less gift to wrap, yay!).

These heated rollers are made from ceramic and are easy to use to achieve salon-worthy volume. Get that perfect holiday well as during the rest of the year. In short, always have great hair and surround yourself with good people!

This creamy, moisturizing balm is made with shea butter and Vitamin E. It’s just shiny enough to add som pizazz to her mouth, yet subtle enough for a natural effect when taking a glitter break between two celebrations.

The shea butter contained in the Brand With a Heart whipped batter hydrating mask deeply moisturizes and repairs the hair cuticle. It’s the ideal treatment when you’re break time is only 5 minutes!

For my best friend who deserves the best

This heating tool will save them time since it works as a dryer AND as a round brush, in addition to providing movement and an incomparable shine. The blow dryer brush turns any styling into something extraordinary. That’s more shine and more volume for your very best friend in the world!

Protect your hair from mechanical heat with Thermal Protector treatment spray from Abril et Nature. Since she uses her iron and dryer on maximum heat at all times...the shea and proteins in this spray will be just right!

Does she often lament that her lips feel dry during the winter season? This Velour Lip Scrub exfoliant will become part of her beauty routine from the moment you give it to her! Not to mention that its blood orange flavour is more than divine!.

CALA masks are ideal for sleepovers! They’re great for moisturizing dry skin in times of colder weather. In fact, I’m going to be slipping them into all my friends’ Christmas stockings!

For my brotherwho needs effective and quality products

 You’ll be given the title of “Best Sister Ever” from now on ! This 5 Star Shaver and Shaper will be part of his daily life. It will give him an ultra-soft finish since it removes all regrowth. It’s hypoallergenic, so his skin will be healthier!

To help him relax before boxing day and for the rest of the year, get him the Abril et Nature purifying shampoo with CBD. Its herbaceous and fresh fragrance cleanses the scalp after being hidden under a hat worn for hours on the ski slopes.

This is THE paste that will tame his rebellious locks. Apply an amount equivalent to a walnut to damp or dry hair, which will be enough to style his hair so he can look great in the family photo.

This is definitely something he’ll bring to the gym - the charcoal shampoo bar! It cleanses and detoxifies the scalp in a natural way. He won’t know how to live without it!


Because I have been (a little) wiser this year:

I’m giving myself my dream hair tools (especially since some irons and blow dryers are 15% off during the months of November and December)!

In addition to giving me the blow dryer of my dreams, GHD will donate $10 to the Keep A Breast Foundation. The superior technology dries my hair divinely, bringing out its incomparable brilliance.

Whether you prefer simple waves, that “beach” look, or voluminous curls...all of these trendy styles can be created with a curling iron thanks to Addicted to Beauty! It's simple to use, and I plan to wrap it before giving it to me.

The Nano Wet-Dry flat iron straightens hair dramatically. Nothing compares to its technology: it will smooth the hair fibre whether it is dry...or wet! And there’s no need to touch up before the next shampoo. Just run the iron once over the hair and it will be perfect again...kind of like me!

Say goodbye to static in my hair with MashUp No.47 Shining Spray. Plus, it enhances my hair’s shine and colour. I just apply it to my dry hair, and voila!
Begin (and end) your shopping in one place with Éléganza. All products are available online and in our seven stores across Quebec. This year, everyone around you will look great... thanks to you!
Hurry, quantities are limited!🎁

6 quick (or not-so-quick!) costume ideas for Halloween 2021

Qu'est-ce qui vous horrifie le plus entre les films d'épouvantes trouver un déguisement à temps pour le 31 octobre? Que ce soit un réel plaisir ou une source d'angoisse de vous transformer: nous avons pensé à tout! Ne négligez aucun détail et soyez fins prête pour la fête!

What horrifies you more? Watching horror moviesor...finding a great costume in time for October 31st? Whether you love a goodtransformation or you want something done quickly, we’ve thought of everything!Don't leave out any detail so you’ll be ready for the party!



In the category: "Halloween: The best day of the year!"





  • Take an old, checkered shirt that you will partially “tear” with scissors (or claws, if you happened to be a real werewolf all this time).

  • Draw hair-like features around your face using aJeffree Star Gold Digger Eye Pencil - Rich Brown.





  • Draw a muzzle and disheveled eyebrows.

  • Glue pointy ears from an old stuffed toy to a headband, or make some from cardboard!

Unfortunately, there will be no full moon thisHalloween night...but that shouldn’t keep you from going out!




The Extra, Extra-Terrestrial:


  • Do your eye makeup using Jeffree Star's Weirdo palette for an enigmatic, intergalactic look. Don’t hesitate to use the "RazorBlade" shade on your cheekbones!



  • Make two antennas out of aluminum foil. Also use aluminum foil to cover bracelets, necklaces and earrings to complete it all!

All you have to do is decide which planet youcome from!





Supreme Siren:


  • Adorn your head with a Talia Wig. With these coolshades, you can get inspiration from the far reaches of the ocean!



  • Apply a fishnet stocking to your cheek and use it as astencil to create a "fish scale" effect by applying eye shadow fromthe Jeffree Star Controversy mini palette - Emerald Edition.




  • Glue seashells to a headband with hot glue, for the Queen of the seas that you are!

  • For the costumer’s top, a sequined dress or a rhinestone t-shirt will do the trick. Nobody said you had to wear a swimsuit to live in the water.

  • For costume’s bottom, glue fins together and when standing, wrap them in shiny fabrics, all the way up to your waist! If you like the idea of being able to move around, wear colourful leggings and draw fish scale patterns on them!


Warning: the urge to explore the seven seas is aside effect of this costume!




In the category: "If I must...butI’ll only spend 15 minutes preparing, otherwise I’ll just stay home."



The Spider:



Don't jump if you see a spider that'sjust you in a mirror!





  • On a t-shirt, draw an “S” for “Super Heroine” with a permanent black marker.

  • Tuck a red tablecloth into your collar (at the back), andattach it with safety pins.

  • Draw a super heroine mask around your eyes with the “Prick”shade from the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar mini palette



All you have to do now is choose your superpowers (other than having to wear a tablecloth, without anyone noticing...that'salready a lot)!




The Joker


  • Wear a red jacket and a yellow shirt, like in our muse’s last film. Or a white shirt with a purple jacket or silk scarf in honour of the earlier films!

  • Apply temporary colour Hair Chalk Emerald to your hair(pulled back).



Now that’s a great costume. Batman not included!




There you go! A few ideas toinspire you! The only challenge will be to keep your fillings after eating somuch pulled taffy...but I don't have any advice about that for you yet. 

Happy Halloween!

GHD: Which iron should you use for your favourite hair style?

GHD is celebrating its 20th birthday! Let'stake the opportunity to commemorate this milestone by showing you some of themost inspiring hair styles.Just think,two decades ago some of us were using an iron to straighten (or rather: damage)our hair!If you didn’t experience that, you’re lucky!Here are four trendy looks that are easy to create,thanks to GHD’s superior technology.

Straight to goal


Everyone knows this style! It has as become a symbol of elegance andattitude. Your hair’s shine will be at its peak when you use the flat iron tosmooth out 2-cm (maximum) sections of your hair, for a perfect look. Inaddition to giving you a dreamy hairstyle, we will donate$10 to the Keep a Breast Foundation for every purchase of a product fromthe limited edition “Pink Collection.” 


Catch the wave


This classic look has been a staple for years and we can't get enough of it! This wavy look caneither be more styled or you can wear it messier. No matter how you choose to wear it, the curling iron techniqueremains the same. Wrap the strands around the iron and don't curl the tip toomuch, for a natural look.

Bordering on perfection 


Wrapthin sections (1 to 2 cm) of hair around the iron. Alternate directions bywinding one strand forward and the next one backward. When done, tilt your headand shake your hair. For more volume, apply the GHD CURL HOLD SPRAY - CURLYEVER AFTER spray. It will maintain your volume and serve as a thermal protector.



This hair style evokes the 1960s, which came back strong in the early2000s and that we now see increasingly more on the new generation of muses[TLB1] . We recommend brushing with a round brush beforeusing the iron if you need volume. Close the iron’s plates upwards, at the tip of the hair; it’s easy! Adda hair clip close to your face to finish off this great look!


Des médias sociaux en passant par la haute couture.

Seen on TikTok

Part shag, part mullet, the wolf cut is allthe rage these days on TikTok and other social media platforms. It is THE hair trendof 2021. To achieve it, we recommend a ton of volume at the top and fringelayers towards the bottom, and a longer base length at the back. Don’t forgetthe texture for a deconstructed, casual look. In the morning, whether you'relate to start your day or not, your hair will definitely be on-trend!



Hairstyling: Puff.Me Texturizing Spray by Design Me

Seen on runways

As seen at the Chanel Fall/Winter 2021-2022runway show, long, straight hair is trending. This timeless style radiatesthrough the ultra-shiny touch you can give it. For people like me who were bornwith a haystack for hair, I suggest starting with a moisturizing treatment toclose your hair cuticles. After blow-drying your hair with a round brush,straighten it with an iron. To prevent damage from mechanical heat, use a heatprotectant. To top it off, add some oil to give your mane the shiny look youwant!



Watch out, it's hot! Moroccanoil AbsoluteDefense heat protection treatment

Shine brightly: Joico Luster Lok Shine Oil

Seen on stages

This fauxhawk hairstyle, worn by MileyCyrus, will make you want to play an electric guitar solo. Being a rockstar maynot have been on your agenda this year, but that doesn't mean you can't havethe look. If you have a layered haircut and/or bangs, you can recreate thislook with pomade and hairspray. A combo that will give it shape and defy thelaw of gravity while you belt out "I Love Rock'n'Roll."



For shape: Rusk Jel Fx Heavy Duty SculptingGel

For hold: Rusk Lock04 Extra Firm HoldHairspray



Seen on Pinterest


The enigmatic textured bob still inspiresus. It evokes the perfect blend of timeless style—and an edgy character. Itwill accentuate your neck, showcase your jawline, cut those slightly (much)dried-out ends from this summer’s and chlorine from the pool. 

 To achieve this look, apply volumizingmousse to wet hair and blow-dry with a round brush for maximum movement.


Volume, please: Mashup Styling Mousse No. 35


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Top 3 must-have brushes

There is as much hair to detangle as there are brushes on the market. Which ones should you choose for the best in brushing? Éléganza presents the TOP 3 brushes you need to keep in your beauty drawer!

There is as much hair to detangle as there are brushes on the market. Which ones should you choose for the best in brushing? Éléganza presents the TOP 3 brushes you need to keep in your beauty drawer!





What’s the first step you need to take before getting the style of your dreams? Untangle your hair! Whatever the desired result, you need to begin by removing your tangles. The Wet-N-Dry brush is specially-designed to do so gently, of course. Improve mornings with your family and end the cries of “Ouch! You’re pulling me!” when it's time to brush your loved ones’ hair. Your best bet: start brushing from the tips and backtrack towards the scalp for optimal results, as your hair is its most fragile when it’s wet.







Armed with your blow dryer and round brush, begin by drying the hair around the edge of your face. This will make it easier to control the little fine hairs that tend to frizz if you don't get them under control from the get-go. Then, using clips, dry horizontal sections of your hair at a width similar to the diameter of the brush being used. This way, each hair will dry perfectly and it will keep them from being frizzy.


*The higher you raise it up when you dry, the better the volume will be.😎







The main advantage of this brush is that it helps you save on drying time, thanks to its large surface. You can do your entire brushing with this, or do what I do: Once my hair is 80% dried, I stop using it and I finish the job with a round brush for more movement. For snag-free brushing, hold the rectangle brush vertically, not horizontally.


* The Avanti rectangle brush has negative ions to eliminate static and make the hair particularly shiny.🤩



Now that you know everything, all you have to do is find the motivation to do your hair!

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When back to school means relaxation

Nous vous proposons des activités à faire dans l’une des régions où se trouve votre boutique Éléganza préférée. 

By the time you read this article, you’ll be back to school (that of your children or maybe even your own). Between getting registered and handling shopping lists for school supplies, you certainly haven't had a chance to take time for yourself.



Not to worry! There are activities to do in one of the regions in which your favourite Éléganza store is located in order to spend quality time with those you love and regain your strength for the season ahead! After all, there’s not much time left before you start hearing "I don’t feel like doing homework!" Whether it's your children's...or your own!





(Fleur de Lys - Québec)


Enjoy a unique experience with your family by observing hundreds of butterflies in the wild! The aviary has 4 large domes and is located exactly where you can enjoy the sun’s rays. Great memories for both young and old




(Beauport - Québec)



Discover the Beauport of yesteryear, thanks to an audio tour. You can listen to the home’s stories through the walls and antique furniture. It’s an immersive and unique experience in which the sounds will take you back in time.




(Lévis - Québec)



Be part of a sound and light experience in front of the magnificent Quai Paquet fountain. Watch up to two new shows in the evening – shows that will dazzle you with their visual effects and their musical score, produced by artists from the show Surface.







The word “spa” is synonymous with relaxation. We know that a good massage relieves pent-up tensions. For those who are looking peace and can get some for 60 minutes or more!







Take advantage of Gatineau Park’s trails either on foot or by bike. The park spans 361 km², which means the whole family will enjoy the great outdoors! Immerse yourself in the gorgeous last days of summer, and appreciate a good picnic along the way.







Club de golf Métropolitain’s 9 and 18-hole courses will satisfy the professional (or Sunday) athlete in you. Taking up a nice round of golf will definitely help your heart health! Playing outside with a friend also allows you to socialize other than in a restaurant, pub or at home!




(Zazz- Québec)




What better way to have fun than watching a good movie? Whether with another person, a group or alone, step into this modern cinema and enjoy the power of the big screen, some delicious popcorn, and if you're lucky, shots of Ryan Gosling.



All good things must come to an end... or not!

When you get home, don't hesitate to try the new Abril and Nature CBD range of hair care products. It’s a must in terms of relaxation for your strands! The shampoo’s sensory combination of cannabis oil, green tea extract and herbal remedies creates an appeasing sensation!



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