How to apply your self-tanner?

Avoid the zebra look by knowing how to apply your self-tanner! Giving yourself a luminous complexion has never been easier with the right routine and the right products. Get your glow on now!


The first and most important step is exfoliation. Remove dead skin cells with That'so Tan Extender Scrub. It will give you a more even skin tone. /span>




Apply a small amount of moisturizer to your heels, knees and elbows if they are dry. This will avoid excess pigment from the product where your skin is too dry. Important: Wait 24 hours after applying any self-tanning product before using your favourite moisturizer.


Product application

Self tanning cream

Carefully wash your hands before (and especially after!) application. To avoid excess pigmentation on your knuckles, be sure to scrub with soap! Start with a small amount of self-tanner and add more as needed. Gradual tanning lotion is ideal for people who want natural results and prefer gradually intensifying the effect.  

Foam self-tanner

With an application glove, spread your self-tanning foam with circular motions on dry skin. Make sure you have adequate lighting so you don't miss any areas of the body. Avoid being in contact with water for the next few hours, as this could significantly affect the result. The trick? Apply it a few minutes before going to sleep!  


Now you're ready to give yourself a glowing complexion! From now until summer, get some sunshine in a bottle with That'so products that are available here!