Everything you need to know to WOW everyone with you red locks!


Ready to spice up your hair colour with red? Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your red is just right! Whether it's cherry, ruby or burgundy, your colour will remain bright—and your hair healthy—thanks to our quality products!

Cool or warm undertones? 

Not sure whether to wear a red with warm or cool undertones? Think about when you wear a red top. Does your skin tone stand out more when this shade is orange (warm) or purple (cool)? ? 

For a moment or forever?

Pigmented mask : Dye your hair a vermillion shade without having to permanently commit to your need for change. (Color Fresh Mask Red - Wella) (Masque Color Fresh Rouge - Wella)
Permanent hair colour : If you have darker hair and would like a vibrant red, hair colour, mixed with a 20- or 30-volume develop will give you amazing results! Be careful: regrowth will occur after a few weeks, so don't hesitate to prepare your shopping cart with 1 or 2 extra tubes! ! (Coloration Permanente 7RO - Goldwell)

Keep your hair looking gorgeous

Now that you've become a glamorous redhead, make sure you protect your hair with products specifically designed for your colour. Mashup's N.66 Sexy Red shampoo and conditioner make it easyNo66 de Mashup. . Leave the products on for a few minutes for maximum effect!

 Between two sessions

P. Leave the products on for a few minutes for maximum effect! Nutri Color Filtres 500 de Revlon.

 Trendy reds are yours! Last tip: Don't forget your gloves to avoid stains and for a disaster-free application!