6 quick (or not-so-quick!) costume ideas for Halloween 2021

What horrifies you more? Watching horror moviesor...finding a great costume in time for October 31st? Whether you love a goodtransformation or you want something done quickly, we’ve thought of everything!Don't leave out any detail so you’ll be ready for the party!



In the category: "Halloween: The best day of the year!"





  • Take an old, checkered shirt that you will partially “tear” with scissors (or claws, if you happened to be a real werewolf all this time).

  • Draw hair-like features around your face using aJeffree Star Gold Digger Eye Pencil - Rich Brown.





  • Draw a muzzle and disheveled eyebrows.

  • Glue pointy ears from an old stuffed toy to a headband, or make some from cardboard!

Unfortunately, there will be no full moon thisHalloween night...but that shouldn’t keep you from going out!




The Extra, Extra-Terrestrial:


  • Do your eye makeup using Jeffree Star's Weirdo palette for an enigmatic, intergalactic look. Don’t hesitate to use the "RazorBlade" shade on your cheekbones!



  • Make two antennas out of aluminum foil. Also use aluminum foil to cover bracelets, necklaces and earrings to complete it all!

All you have to do is decide which planet youcome from!





Supreme Siren:


  • Adorn your head with a Talia Wig. With these coolshades, you can get inspiration from the far reaches of the ocean!



  • Apply a fishnet stocking to your cheek and use it as astencil to create a "fish scale" effect by applying eye shadow fromthe Jeffree Star Controversy mini palette - Emerald Edition.




  • Glue seashells to a headband with hot glue, for the Queen of the seas that you are!

  • For the costumer’s top, a sequined dress or a rhinestone t-shirt will do the trick. Nobody said you had to wear a swimsuit to live in the water.

  • For costume’s bottom, glue fins together and when standing, wrap them in shiny fabrics, all the way up to your waist! If you like the idea of being able to move around, wear colourful leggings and draw fish scale patterns on them!


Warning: the urge to explore the seven seas is aside effect of this costume!




In the category: "If I must...butI’ll only spend 15 minutes preparing, otherwise I’ll just stay home."



The Spider:



Don't jump if you see a spider that night...it'sjust you in a mirror!





  • On a t-shirt, draw an “S” for “Super Heroine” with a permanent black marker.

  • Tuck a red tablecloth into your collar (at the back), andattach it with safety pins.

  • Draw a super heroine mask around your eyes with the “Prick”shade from the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar mini palette



All you have to do now is choose your superpowers (other than having to wear a tablecloth, without anyone noticing...that'salready a lot)!




The Joker


  • Wear a red jacket and a yellow shirt, like in our muse’s last film. Or a white shirt with a purple jacket or silk scarf in honour of the earlier films!

  • Apply temporary colour Hair Chalk Emerald to your hair(pulled back).



Now that’s a great costume. Batman not included!




There you go! A few ideas toinspire you! The only challenge will be to keep your fillings after eating somuch pulled taffy...but I don't have any advice about that for you yet. 

Happy Halloween!