Light curls

Light and fluffy curls for autumn!

This autumn, we don’t aim for perfection, we prefer a natural look. Light and deconstructed curls, half-curls rather loose on every sides, and much more! To achieve this, here’s some essential styling products which you won’t be able to get rid off if you want to create a really fashionable look!


TIP: roll up a hair strand from one side or the other one and that’s it! You’ll get a smooth and natural curl.

TIP: it is crucial to use this product to protect your hair from heat.
P.S. in addition, it gives a keratin treatment to your hair and protects color.

TIP: Gives amazing volume to your hair, refreshes your style and is ideal to give body and texture to your curls. Apply on dry hair

TIP: Spray a fine mist on dry or damp hair; preferably on dry hair after styling. It will give hair a light shine to fight against autumnal dryness and to complete hairstyle!!

* Not only it smells like heaven, but it also gives a lot of brilliance, treats hair with a memory effect without weighing them down!