Tired of flat and fine hair with no hold? You can no longer find solutions to give volume and bounce to the curls you could possibly have? Éléganza suggests a few tips and products to give life to your hair and “flawless” curls!

Do a weekly mask

If your hair is fragile and requires a deep hydration, we suggest a weekly mask. For an optimal result, an argan or olive oil base mask would be a “basic” option but a very efficient one to regenerate curls.

Curl with a hair straightener or a curling iron

Whether you have natural curls or not, or wish to accentuate them, you can easily and quickly do so using different styling tools.

To begin, do not forget to spray a thermal protection product over all of your hair to protect it from the heat. Then, we suggest to work strand by strand. Whether you use a straightener or curling iron, wrap the strand around the iron and wait a few seconds before releasing it. If you find your curl too intense, you can comb it a few times (ideally with a wide tooth comb) for a more natural and “effortless” look!

Pssst… Here’s a last tip:

You can always wrap your wet hair overnight to avoid flattening and pillow prints. Use a towel, a satin fabric or a t-shirt, the choice is yours! Simply make sure that no strands are hanging out and your curls will be the envy of all your friends!