You’ve invested body and soul in your color and want to keep it intact as long as possible? Éléganza suggests a few tips on the use of specific products to extend the vibrancy of your color.

First, once your color is done, it is better to use a really good shampoo! The time where you could grab the first one on the shelf is over, you must absolutely choose a shampoo for colored hair that will act as an hydrator and protect your color.

Then, choose a product with a UV protection to ensure the sun does not fade your color and avoid using hot water as it will open your hair scales too much.

A few more useful tips:

  • Perform a hair cuticles sealing once a week between your shampoo and conditioner (let work for about 5 minutes)
  • A pigmented mask can revive your color
  • Certain styling products can contain a type of alcohol that can affect your color’s health
  • Nourish your hair properly with oils

Finally, as we want you to be well equipped to make your color vibrancy become the envy of your friends, we recommend the use of a good quality detangling brush or comb!