Smooth hair

Do you dream of shiny, silky and perfectly smooth hair? Forget the frizzies and unwanted curls with our precious tips to find your perfect formula for a smooth and manageable hair!

At home hair smoothing with a hair dryer or flat iron

We all know that styling tools are very helpful in caring and controlling our hair. But, it is important to know how to properly use them.

Before using the hair dryer, remove excess water from your hair without wringing, to prevent damaging the hair fiber. Then you can dry your hair at medium temperature using a boar and nylon bristles flat brush to intensify the hair smoothing. Note to yourself: Use the hair dryer with the nozzle aiming down to prevent opening your hair scales.

As for the flat iron, get one with good quality titanium plates. We also recommend that you use an anti-moisture hair spray after styling your hair to block any source of humidity (that could expand or frizz your hair once outside).

It is also important to use a thermal spray, to respect the medium temperature on the flat iron and to avoid direct contact between your hair and the hair dryer nozzle

Use anti-frizzies

We suggest that you get a smoothing serum (or a conditioning treatment), that you can carry in your bag, to fight unexpected rain or humidity!

Last tip, easier to adopt: use a wide-tooth comb. Remember that the more you touch your hair the more you accentuate the frizz phenomenon. You will then be able to untangle your hair efficiently with less moves.

Small home tips

Hot water is the worse enemy of flat hair as it brings the keratin and scales to a boiling point, doubling the hair mass. As we know you don’t want to look like a lion, we recommend that you be wary of hot baths or showers that turn into steam baths.