For a perfect colour every time!

For a perfect colour every time!

Whether you have blonde, brown, red or multi-coloured hair, many factors can make life difficult to maintain your beautiful colour. Even more so in the summer! Sun, chlorine and heat all conspire to dull your hair. But that doesn’t mean you have to admit defeat. Here are our tips to help you thwart Mother Nature's plans!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

This may sound like a cliché—but it's so true! The best way to prevent your hair colour from fading is always PREVENTION! The basis of prevention is to have an optimal "colouring routine.” Here's what you need to know:

1. Start off on the right foot

    If your hair colour always tends to fade quickly, for no apparent reason, the problem may be the colour itself. What kind of hair colour are you using? Is it suitable for your hair type and the colour you envision?

    If, for example, you are using boxed hair colouring products found in drugstores, it is important to understand that these products are not "scalable" according to your hair type. The same box will be used by a teenager who is colouring her hair for the first time and by a mother who has a lot of gray hair. It is therefore rare that the result will be exactly what you expect.

    If you experience the same problem with professional hair colour, some adjustments to your "recipe" may also help minimize the problem. Does the type of hair colour you choose to meet your needs? Is the right amount of peroxide being used? Should you change the wait time? Our colourist experts will always be happy to answer your questions and suggest modifications if necessary.

    2. The "how" is as important as the "what”

        The best hair colouring product in the world will not yield good results if it is not used correctly. For example, imagine getting a manicure with the most beautiful nail polish. However, you don't put a top coat on and spend days using strong cleaning products (without wearing gloves...) The nail polish won't stay beautiful for long. It's kind of the same thing with hair colouring. If you shampoo your hair immediately after colouring, don't use an after-colour sealer, put your hair in the pool, and use shampoos and other products that are not appropriate for coloured hair, the colour may "slip away" quickly.

        Essential things you should know:

        • Avoid shampooing immediately after colouring unless absolutely necessary. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, as much as possible, until the water runs clear. Cool water helps close the hair cuticles to lock in the pigment, while warm water will open the cuticles, causing the pigment to "pop" out of the hair.
        • After rinsing, apply a cuticle sealer. A sealer has a more acidic ph level than a standard conditioner; it closes the cuticles completely, trapping the colour in the hair. There are several cream-based sealers available to use after you colour your hair. You can also regularly use leave-in sprays after shampooing, extending the life of your colour. Mashup’s Vitamin Spray, for example, is a great product.
        • Maintain your hair with a professional shampoo specifically designed for coloured hair. There are many to choose from and cater to different budgets! There's no way you won't find what you're looking for.
        • Avoid, as much as possible, exposing your hair to heat, sun, and chlorinated or salty water. It is not always easy, but it is definitely part of the solution.

        Is avoiding heated tools really necessary?

        If your flat iron is your BFF, and you can't live without it, make a thermal protector your second BFF! Thermal protection products provide, as their name suggests, a protective film that will block the damaging effects of intense heat, thereby preserving your hair and its colour. Many of these products can be applied to dry hair before using the iron. Other products can also be applied to wet hair if you are also using a high-temperature dryer. These include Uniq One and Matrix’s Miracle Creator. In addition to heat protection, these "all-in-one" products provide multiple benefits, including hydration, shine, and frizz prevention.

        Can’t get enough of the sun?

        If you're one of those people who can't wait for every ray of sunlight to come out, your hair could use some sun protection. UV rays aren't just bad for your skin; they're also bad for your hair colour. The best way to prevent UV fading is to apply products with UV protection to your hair, like the Hola Splash! Line. And of course, you can always wear a hat!

        The damage is done

        Think it's too late? Think again! Even if your colour is not what it used to be, there are still solutions! The ideal product to remedy the situation while waiting for your next colouring appointment is most likely a pigment treatment!

        Whether you have cool-blonde, chocolate-brown, or vibrantly coloured hair, there is something for everyone! One of the best-known pigmented treatments is Revlon Nutri Color, also known as the Revlon Ball. There are many others! Wella's Colour Fresh Mask, to name one, offers a great range of colours. Enriched with avocado oil, it is formulated without silicone or animal ingredients. You'll definitely love this treatment: using the mask once a week will give you all the pigment and shine you crave.

        You now have everything you need to take control of your favourite colour! Remember that there are many solutions for a problem you encounter—even when you are desperate for a quick fix! Our goal is to help you achieve the hair goals of your dreams, so don't hesitate to consult our experts!