Welcome to 2023! Looking for great hairstyling trends to switch up your look (again!)? This year, there's something for everyone! Are you in the mood for a brassy hue, bob, or even bangs? Here's some inspo just for you!

Go Bronde!

Le bronde: The perfect mix between natural chestnut and the glow of soft blonde highlights in the front. You'll see Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie wearing this look beautifully. Low-maintenance colour that will make you shine. What more could you ask for?



Glam bob

Elegant, timeless, bold. This haircut is worn without any layering. If your hair is thick, ask your hairdresser to thin it out without adding any layers. Use this pomade for texture, shine and glam.


Pop-Punk Coral

For those who already have a rosy glow and want to take it to the next level! Apply a coral-tinted colour. The pop and almost punk-like effect remains soft thanks to its pastel base. A little detail to keep in mind: to get this effect, you must first bleach your hair.


Curls Forever

We love this curly texture with thousands of curls. The key is to wrap each strand well with an activating cream. Dry your hair with a diffuser to get bouncy curls. To eliminate frizz, treat your hair with a rich mask beforehand. Hydrated hair is healthy hair!

With a bang, please!

With more movement and heavier than in previous years, bangs are still going strong! These bangs look like you just jumped out of bed for an all-natural look. They can be worn with short or long hair.

Coppers and reds: go ahead!;

Pigmented, with or without golden highlights, red hair is all the rage! It's a good thing that hair has a naturally warm pigmentation (red, orange, yellow). No more fighting cold highlights. Dive into copper!


The spike bun

Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are fans of this 2000's hairstyle. And we love it! To achieve it, brush your hair to form a ponytail. Add gel on the top and sides to achieve that sleek look. Roll your ponytail into a bun with one or two ends sticking out. Smooth these out with a flat iron before applying extra-hold hairspray for a sculptured twist!

Rock your gray!

Granted, this trend did not originate in 2023, but we like to remind you that your natural silver colour looks great on you! If you're worried about your gray hair looking too dull, go for shine with Wôw's Dream Coat. It's frizz-free and offers beautiful shine.

Inspiring, isn't it? Count on us to provide you with what you need to achieve these trends. You’re sure to make heads turn! Visit us in one of our stores or click on the products you want! Happy New Year!