How to successfully colour your hair at home

Want to change your hair for the upcoming season? This spring, choose your inspiration…from golden russet to powder pink to icy mocha…and start colouring! In order to prevent your DIY from making you want to hide in a closet, read this special COLOURING article. We have answers to your questions! Happy reading!



1. There are so many choices! Where do you begin?

Several factors will influence the choice of your hair colour. But above all, let's start with the current state of your hair. Is it natural or coloured? Do you have highlights or even a hue achieved with henna? Ask your colour expert. Doing this from the start will prevent you from having to correct the colour later, which is costly, complex and completely avoidable.





 2. How do you tell the difference between the various types of colouring?

Semi-permanent (gloss): Want a pastel or bright shade for your bleached hair? More shine? More control over an unwanted reflection? Semi-permanent hair colour enables you to do all of this…everything, except white hair coverage.


Demi-permanent: This works great for those with less than 25% white hair. Its oxidant is weaker than permanent colouring, which reduces the noticeable effect of regrowth.


Permanent :Its opacity is ideal to cover white hair perfectly. Used with 10, 20 or 30 volume oxidants, this one certainly provides the best coverage.





3. I use the same colour formula every time…so why doesn't it always give the same result?

Several factors are possible. Did you perhaps let it act a little too long or not long enough? Did you apply it to the roots only or the entire length? If your hair has lightened between two colourings (exposure to the sun, swimming in the ocean or in the pool, washing your hair more frequently, etc.), it’s very likely that you’ll notice a difference.





4. Why are the numbers on the tubes different depending on the colouring company?

The first number represents the level.The next two digits represent the highlights and the undertones. The meaning of these differ depending on the company. Sometimes, there are even letters to designate the reflections. Refer to our colouring expert who masters these numbers and letters like no other!





5. Why doesn’t blonde hair colour work on my dyed brown hair?

One colour does not lighten another! Arm yourself with patience, because it’s difficult to get there in one step. With the right products (make-up remover, bleach) and above all, a good colouring expert, you’ll eventually get that dreamy polar blonde you wanted!





6. I constantly have a warm highlight in my hair, despite colouring with neutral or cool highlights. Why?

You may be naturally chestnut or brunette. Your pigmentation hides under these natural shades that are 100% warm. For example, the darker your hair is, the more it will lean towards red. Unless you have a very ashy colour and use colouring shampoos that neutralize warm tints, it’s normal for some warm highlights to surface over time.





7. Why does my colour expert advise against doing highlights at home?

Home colouring requires precision and care. Your locks ask for this, but on an even more complex level! For example, the position of the selected locks, avoid application to old locks because there’s a greater risk of damaging your hair, etc. Damage can be very expensive and difficult to repair.





8. I tried a different colour with a semi-permanent colour (gloss). However, it has stayed in my hair for weeks! Why?

Your hair’s porosity tends to make the pigments fade quickly or, on the contrary, to keep them too long. Do a “test” wick before applying the colour to the rest of your hair and avoid unpleasant surprises!




We hope we’ve demystified some of the questions frequently asked in salons or in shops! Never hesitate to ask your Éléganza colour experts for information. Their knowledge makes all the difference between a perfect colouring and a blatant disappointment. Here’s one last little tip: show them your inspirations in photos! When it comes to colouring, there’s nothing truer: a picture really is worth a thousand words!

Get your brushes ready!