Blonde. A flavescent hue that still fascinates everyone. Here are our favourite highlights for this summer (and all year long!). Talk to your Éleganza expert in-store or online to find out which one is right for you. Get a trendy new shade of blonde and get ready to turn heads this summer!  

Icy blonde

We love its iridescent and ashy sheen. For those who don't like golden shades, you will be able to eliminate them thanks to the purplish pigments in this formula!

Products used:

• 09/81, Shinefinity by Wella
09/61, Shinefinity by Wella
Wella Shinefinity 2% Activator


½ of 09/81 + ½ of 09/61 mixed with the Shinefinity 2% Activator (1:2 ratio).


Pink blonde

This is a truly unique blush-blonde shade. For those with an olive complexion, it will balance out the green undertones of your skin give you a healthy glow (in addition to being oh-so pretty!).

Products used:

• 9/59 , Illumina Color by Wella
10/05 , Illumina Color by Wella
• Titanium Rose, Illumina Color by Wella
• Welloxon 1.9% Actovatpr by Wella

Formula :

20g 9/59 + 20g 10/05 + 30g Titanium Rose mixed with the Welloxon Activator 1.9% (ratio of 1:2)


Caramel blonde

This warm, luminous blonde has a warm glow that sparkles in the sunlight! Don't worry about the shimmer fading fast. The natural pigmentation (with orange and gold as the base) will stay beautiful for weeks!

Products used:

• 09/73 , Shinefinity by Wella
• Wella Shinefinity 2% Activator

Formula :

09/73 mixed with the Shinefinity 2% Activator (1:2 ratio)


Almond blonde

For a glamorous and timeless hue, this is just the right amount of ashy and golden shine! It’s ideal for a mane that has two sets of highlights to avoid a dull finish. Look how elegant she looks!  

Products used:  

9/97 Colortouch, by Wella
• Colortouch 1.9% Activator, by Wella


9/97 mixed with Colortouch 1.9% Activator (ratio 1:2)



Beige blonde

Also called "Buttery blonde," this shade’s shine is unbelievable! You’ll love it for its cool sheen that is balanced with an almost light golden undertone. More ashy than "Almond blonde," you'll need to use blue shampoo alternately with your moisturizing shampoo to maintain this perfect look.

Products used:

9/96, Color Touch by Wella
• 9/36, Color Touch by Wella
• 10/0, Color Touch by Wella
• 1.9% Activator, Color Touch by Wella


⅓ of 9/96 + ⅓ of 9/36 + ⅓ of 10/0 mixed with Colortouch 1.9% Activator (ratio of 1:2)


Platinum blonde

With this shade of blonde, the secret is not just dyeing the hair—but also bleaching it! To achieve this dazzling "snowflake" blonde colour, you have to lighten it as much as possible. Not everyone can do this without damaging their hair. Ask your hairstylist to see if it's possible with your hair to avoid unpleasant surprises. For maintenance at home? Clear gloss! You don't have to worry about darkening the colour or adding an undesirable tint (blue, gray, etc.).

Products used:

Color Charm Paints Clear/Clear by Wella

Formula :

No need for an activator. Apply the product directly on your hair.


Don't forget: when you go blonde, you must moisturize your hair! Protect your hair so that you can continue being a blonde goddess each and every day Find our range of products for blonde hair here: :