You CAN get beautiful curls without a curling iron

Don't know what to do with your curly hair? Exasperated by your mane? Have you tried a few products and are not happy with the results? Indeed, naturally curly hair has its challenges, but when you use the right products, based on your needs and the finish you want to achieve, life is suddenly a lot easier—and more beautiful! Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to use the best curling iron, curling wand, or other hair styling equipment to get beautiful curls. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, embrace it! Follow these tips to save yourself an incredible amount of styling time!

Where to start

The essential tool to have when you have curly hair is a diffuser. And when I say essential, I mean...ESSENTIAL! In order for curls to form properly when drying, they need to dry smoothly. The direct stream of a hair dryer, even at low speed, will generate a lot of frizz and uneven waves.

A few companies, including Babyliss Pro, offer universal diffusers (or almost) that can be used with most standard-size hair dryers on the market. They sell for less than $25. That’s a small investment for such an awesome tool. It’s a must-have in every curly woman’s beauty routine. Also, if you are thinking of changing your hair dryer, opt for one with a diffuser included! A 2 for 1 one product saves time and money!

Meeting your hair’s needs

For a plant to bloom and flourish, it needs sunlight, the right fertilizer, water, and a little love from time to time. It's kind of the same thing with your hair. To get beautiful curls, your hair must be healthy and moisturized (but not too much!) Your haircut must also be adapted to curly hair. Yes, you read that right! If your haircut is not adapted (too many layers, excessive use of scissors to “thin out” your hair) will cause your hair to look, again, very frizzy. Your curls will be badly defined or limp.

Here are some tips for different types of curly hair:

  • Fine hair, hair that weighs down easily, or curls that tend not to hold for very long

Focus on lightweight products with medium-to-strong hold and curl-activating products—rather than those designed for definition. Your hair routine might start with a volumizing shampoo, followed by a conditioner for curly hair. As an activator, you could use A&G's Re:coil for some volume without too much stiffness, or Bed Head's Curls Rock Amplifier for maximum curl activation and a slightly crunchy finish. If adding volume to the roots is a challenge, you could use a root lifter that you apply before blow-drying.

  • The lion's mane with pronounced curls

The key words: hydration and definition. With this type of hair, there's usually no need for volumizing or "activating" products. You want to soften, smooth, and define the curl. A good shampoo and conditioner with lots of moisture will do the trick. For a soft, supple finish with some bounce, Brand With A Heart's Curl Custard is perfect. For those who prefer a wet look, sculpting gels work well, as do several strong-hold mousses, like Joico's Joiwhip.

  • Normally thick hair with medium curls

You scored the jackpot! You can afford to choose products based on the textures and effects that you like!

  • Natural effect: One of my favourite products is ISO's Bouncy It helps curls to form properly, while leaving your hair soft and supple, with a natural shine. I personally love it! Abril and Nature's Dinamic Curl styling cream also does a great job of achieving a natural, frizz-free finish. It has a slightly firmer hold than the Bouncy Crème.

  • Beachy waves: To achieve this effect, salt sprays are generally very effective. Sea Salt Spray by KRWN, for example, is a great choice. You can also opt for Hairplay Sea Salt by KMS or Sea Salt Mist from Alcove. These products give a slightly tousled and textured effect, which is close to what you have when you emerge from the sea, and your hair dries from the air and sun.

  • Curly to the max: This topic was covered earlier: you need to use curl "activator" products if you want to get the most out of hair. Bed Head's Curls Rock Amplifier is probably one of the most renowned products for its effectiveness. However, there are others that have a less "crunchy" finish. Alcove's Curl Activator, for example, is very popular. Abril and Nature's Curl Activator Spray can also come in handy to revive the curl definition of the previous day's style!

Let's sum it all up! To have beautiful, jaw-dropping curls, you need:

  1. 1. A diffuser
  2. 2. Healthy, well-moisturized hair
  3. 3. Products that meet the needs of your hair and that correspond to the finish you want.

It doesn’t have to be complicated! There are many little tricks to getting the hair of your dreams, such as not brushing your hair dry and not blow-drying your hair 100%, even with the diffuser. Leaving a hint of humidity will help avoid frizz, and maximize curl definition. With the right information, anything is possible! So don't hesitate to talk to our beauty advisors for more details or to learn about products other than those mentioned in this article.