Get rid of dandruff once and for all!

Ah, that unpleasant moment when you have to shake those white flakes off your shoulders! Several factors can cause an unbalanced scalp. Sometimes you may end up with seborrhea (an excess of sebum) or dry skin, which causes dandruff that bothers you so much! Learn about what can contribute to having lots of dandruff and solutions to treat it! With our tips, you’ll enjoy a healthy scalp!  !


Your evening routine

Do you ever sleep with wet hair? If so, start by eliminating this bad habit from your routine. It's simple: the moisture between your scalp and pillowcase can cause fungus (microscopic fungus, but still!), resulting in dandruff. Dry your hair before you start counting sheep. Don’t use excessive heat on your head for those of you with dry scalps. You don't want to dehydrate your scalp any further. We suggest GHD Professional Performance Hair Dryer. Its ionic technology allows you to dry your hair quickly, without drying out your scalp.


Cleanse and neutralize

Your shampoo is crucial in the fight against dandruff! Try Abril et Nature's specialized line of shampoos. Its Anti-Dandruff shampoo improves the natural hydration of your scalp and hair. It also gently purifies your scalp, giving you a feeling of freshness. Finish your treatment by applying the Anti-Dandruff Lotion. It reduces itching and soothes the scalp. It even prevents the development of new dandruff by directly attacking the biological process that causes it. 



Detoxify and sanitize 

Hats, toques, caps, and more! If you suffer from dandruff (which you must since you are reading this blog), you should know that head coverings clog pores and cause your scalp to flake. Before using any cleansing products suggested above, detoxify your scalp to prevent bacteria and dandruff from appearing. The Detox Shampoo from American Crew will be perfect for you! Made with 80% natural ingredients, its exfoliating scrub with Manicouagan clay and coconut shells will be very useful after spending time in the great outdoors!



Oily dandruff, dry dandruff.

It is important to pay special attention when washing the scalp; don’t scrub it excessively. Although you want to exfoliate it well, you don't want to create lesions on the skin. These are easily caused during the day by an itchy scalp that you try to soothe by scratching. This is especially the case of "greasy" type dandruff. To identify this type of dandruff, you will notice that it stays close to the scalp. It does not fall off easily, unlike "dry" dandruff. It is possible to soothe your irritated scalp with the Organic Citrus Conditioner Bar from Charbon Noir. You'll get a fresh feeling without the pain.


Now you're ready to eliminate dandruff—a pesky scalp condition! If the appearance of dandruff persists or worsens, consult a dermatologist. It may be related to psoriasis, eczema or other skin reactions. Take care of your scalp and yourself!



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