Hair can be protected?

Most of the time, we take our hair for granted by thinking that it is going to tough through anything just by having good quality shampoos and conditioners. However, we forget the damage that they often go through with our hair styling tools (flat irons, curling irons, hairdryers, etc.)

It is not negligible. You have to think that a flat iron displaying 350°F is equivalent to an oven at the same heat! Would you put your hair in a 350°F oven without any protection? Certainly not!

This is why we must first choose the best thermal protection for our hair type and then, adjust the temperature of the electrical tool according to the hair to obtain the best results.

We can start with the application of a protective film from a thermal protector to reduce the damage caused by heat on the hair:

- Cream heat protectors: It is used on damp hair before exposure to heat from the hairdryer. Several options are possible, some have hold for styling, others have a protective film against humidity and many of these contain nourishing and moisturizing agents, leaving hair supple and pliable.

- Thermal protectors in spray (Mists or aerosols): Can be used before any source of heat, on damp or dry hair. Some have hold, some don't. There are some that contain hairspray, others contain moisturizing oil, you just need to find the right balance depending on your hair type.

Let's continue with the temperature adjustment for our electrical tools. The distribution of heat on the plates as well as their repercussion are different from one iron to another. However, THE foolproof trick is: We are supposed to run the tool over the desired section of hair only once. After the first pass, the heat protection barrier of the previously applied product dissipates. You must then apply the thermal protector a second time if you have to do it again. This applies to flat irons, curling irons and hairdryers also.

Thus, we advise to start with a lower temperature. If the hair does not show the desired result, then it is necessary to gradually increase the temperature until you reach the perfect level for your hair!

To help you get an idea of ​​the right temperature for your hair, here are some temperature estimates *:

Depending on the irons, you can set most up to 450°F (232°C).

Fine, fragile hair: 121°C - 149°C (265°F - 300°F)

Normal hair: 149°C - 204°C (300°F - 400°F)

Coarse, thick hair: 204°C - 232°C (400°F - 450°F)

* Temperatures are approximate suggestions and may vary from iron to iron as well as from person to person.

P.S. The thermal protector from Abril et Nature is suitable for all hair types.