Specialized care

You have a problem and are running out of ideas? Here are a few tips to lead you to your “on point” hair!

If you act as a control freak with your hair and showered them over and over with different products, we suggest exfoliating your hair and scalp once a week as a pre-shampoo to deeply clean the external layer, and you will see your hair regenerate more than ever!

If your problem is more of a hair loss problem, we recommend a product trio on a continued basis for the recommended duration by our specialist. This type of treatment will regenerate the hair bulb, enabling a thicker regrowth and prevent hair loss. Important note to yourself: It can take from 2 to 3 months to obtain optimal results and the treatment recommended is suitable for all hair types.

If your hair scalp if greasy or dry, we propose two separate shampoos from Paul Mitchell’s brand. These products will remove greasy and dry dandruffs eliminating itching causes (you can let the products work for a few minutes).

Finally, if your hair scalp is sensitive, we recommend a perfume free shampoo that will gently clean without irritating your hair scalp. Our best advice to you is to make sure you know your hair scalp type and, to find out, you can come by one of our store so we can check it out.

Are you totally lost and do not know which way to turn? Here’s an easy trick to find out your dandruff type: dry dandruffs fall from your hair where the greasy ones stay glued to your hair scalp.