That'So perfect!

Winter isn’t totally here and you already feel like a ghost? Look no further, we have THE perfect solution for you!

This magic product that we propose today is skin safe and will allow you to have a dreamy tanned body all year long! In addition to covering up the imperfections and harmonizing skin tone, it prevents the skin from premature aging, as opposed to UV rays.

THAT’SO’s aerosol tans provide anti-aging and spectacular moisturizing effects. You might presently be wondering : all that in only one bottle? The response to this question is YES!

Because we like to find the best products, we want to help you discover all the benefits to use THAT’SO’s aerosols:
-Can be applied over the entire body, even on the face
-Immediate effect after application
-Dry instantly
-Provide a lasting and even tan
-Gentle to the skin
-Leave no visible traces
-Paraben free and nickel free

We already hear you say: THAT’SO amazing!

The ideal routine
1.Use a good scrubbing product before using THAT’SO’s aerosol to get the most perfect result
2.Use THAT’SO’s gloves in order to avoid having tanned palms
3.Apply the product and you’ll see that it dries instantly without leaving an orange effect.

If you want, for once, to look different from a ghost on your Christmas pictures, THAT’SO is THE easiest and fastest solution! You will be able to brag to your friends that you have the perfect skin tone worthy of a week passed in Cayo Coco, when you have been studying for your final exams for the last month.