Top 3 must-have brushes

There is as much hair to detangle as there are brushes on the market. Which ones should you choose for the best in brushing? Éléganza presents the TOP 3 brushes you need to keep in your beauty drawer!





What’s the first step you need to take before getting the style of your dreams? Untangle your hair! Whatever the desired result, you need to begin by removing your tangles. The Wet-N-Dry brush is specially-designed to do so gently, of course. Improve mornings with your family and end the cries of “Ouch! You’re pulling me!” when it's time to brush your loved ones’ hair. Your best bet: start brushing from the tips and backtrack towards the scalp for optimal results, as your hair is its most fragile when it’s wet.







Armed with your blow dryer and round brush, begin by drying the hair around the edge of your face. This will make it easier to control the little fine hairs that tend to frizz if you don't get them under control from the get-go. Then, using clips, dry horizontal sections of your hair at a width similar to the diameter of the brush being used. This way, each hair will dry perfectly and it will keep them from being frizzy.


*The higher you raise it up when you dry, the better the volume will be.😎







The main advantage of this brush is that it helps you save on drying time, thanks to its large surface. You can do your entire brushing with this, or do what I do: Once my hair is 80% dried, I stop using it and I finish the job with a round brush for more movement. For snag-free brushing, hold the rectangle brush vertically, not horizontally.


* The Avanti rectangle brush has negative ions to eliminate static and make the hair particularly shiny.🤩



Now that you know everything, all you have to do is find the motivation to do your hair!