Find the right hair care for your hair type

There are as many hair products on the market as there are hairs on our heads! Now you can make the right choices for your hair type. We’re certain that Abril et Nature’s innovative lines will please you. Originally from Spain, our products are already popular in more than 38 countries! Whether your hair is dry, normal, damaged or something else, you’ll find what you need among our multiple haircare treatments. Read this blog to find out which ones are right for you!



For dry hair - The Rehydration product line

Have you recently enjoyed a warm vacation? The sun, salt water and life’s other little pleasures are your hair’s enemies. Try Rehydration Shampoo and treat yourself to soft and silky hair thanks to its amino acids and UV protection. Your vacation memories will stay in your photos and not in your damaged tips.




For normal hair - The CBD product line

Because it can be stressful to come back to work after the holiday break, try CBD product line. Its cannabis oil and green tea extracts and its herbal scent will provide a perfect moment of relaxation. Cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your hair from frizz has never been such a Zen-like experience!




For devitalized hair - The Age Reset product line

Our hair changes in appearance as we age. Although this is quite normal, you can make it look more refreshed, healthier and shinier. Age Reset contains plant stem cells giving you more volume, and it will further extend the health of your hair. Its Botox effect provides more thickness and eliminates a porous appearance. Say goodbye dull hair!





For coloured, damaged and devitalized hair - The Cell Innove product line

Like Age Reset, the Cell Innove line regenerates your hair fibre for a younger and shinier appearance. Its main active ingredients are plant stem cells, ideal for coloured hair that has been chemically-treated.





For dry hair with frizz - Energic

This product line affixes positive energy to your hair and therefore neutralizes negative charges. This prevents frizz and makes styling easier. Energic makes your hair more workable and gives it a healthy appearance. In other words, you’ll find that your hair will comb more easily during blow-drying and it will also shine like never before!





For hair with static and frizz - Nature Frizz

With winter, comes static. But you can make this go away with Nature Frizz. In addition, its relaxing and nourishing effect on your hair fibre will eliminate all frizz. Its ingredients, including keratin and marine collagen, will hydrate your hair perfectly without weighing it down.





For curly hair - The Gold Lifting product line

For those of you with curly hair, has it been a while since you heard, "I would love to have your beautiful mane?" Improve your curls’ elasticity and radiance with Gold Lifting. It defines your waves and controls frizz with its smoothing power. Add Gold Lifting Day Cream for an unparalleled finish.





For weakened hair - The Sublime product line

Was your last bleaching a bit too harsh on your hair? Repair your cuticles in depth with this powerful and restructuring treatment. Its innovative active ingredients have a long-lasting effect to better rebuild the hair fibre. Take a break from bleaching products and pamper your hair with Sublime.





For weakened hair in need of a shock treatment - The Keratin product line

The Keratin line has ultra-fast effectiveness. Its contains a strong injection of keratin to completely repair the cuticle fibres and seals. Using this frequently will give your hair a healthy glow and greatly improve its appearance. If your hair knots easily, or if your hair has been chemically-treated and damaged by mechanical heat, then this line is for you.




From now on, there’s nothing easier than choosing the right hair care! Trust Abril & Nature; its innovative technologies and natural ingredients will give you the most healthy and shiny hair, whatever your hair type!