Longing to say goodbye to your thin and flat hair? Don’t stress and stop looking elsewhere, we have a few tips for you! We promise volume, health and delight after applying these tricks from Éléganza.

The Basics

Volumizing shampoos will definitely make a difference in your routine towards hair volume increase. We also suggest the use of a light conditioner after your shampoo. Important note: Avoid formulas with silicone as they burden the hair and inhibit volume creation.

Grandma’s tricks (Granny’s tricks)

Drying your hair with your head down, really work? YES! But you should know that the hairdryer’s heat must not be too high and it is important to finish with cold air on your roots.

We will also tell you not to tie your hair too often but chances are that you will do it anyways. We know, because we do it too! So we suggest you use elastics like the invisibobble as they are gentler on the scalp.

Other useful tips:

  • Use texturizing powders or dry shampoos to add to your fine hair
  • Gently comb towards the roots using a fine tooth comb
  • Backcomb your hair… with MODERATION
  • Use rollers and air dry your hair for a guaranteed result

With all these great tips, your voluminous and shiny hair will definitely be the envy of many.